B.E. Wilson was born in small town Ohio, south-western to be exact. His family emigrated from the hills of southern Kentucky, settling into what is now known as The Great Miami Valley. Coming from a long line of coal miners that were now trying out their hand, as steel workers.


His mother being nine of ten children, he was born into a rather quite large family, with every imaginable descent thrown in. He considers himself somewhat of a Heinz 57, nobody actually knows what’s all in the bottle, but there is a lot of ingredients.


As a young boy, his 7th grade English teacher was fed up with him not doing his homework. She tasked him to write an apology letter for not doing said homework. In doing so he used a long list of humorous excuses he thought would make her mad, he was wrong. He used everything from the dog ate it, Bigfoot and Elvis stole it and were escaping on a UFO to he was busy being a test cadaver.


Standing in front of the class he was asked to read the apology letter aloud, this he was not expecting. In finishing, his last few sentences were, “To tell the truth, I was just too lazy. I wanted to play outside instead. Next time I’ll try to do both, so I don’t have to write another one of these apology letters again.” With all of the laughter from his classmates, he thought he was headed to the principal’s office for some much deserved detention. His teacher, much to his surprise, she only said that he should be a writer and how much she enjoyed the letter. She found it entertaining and hysterical.


Finally B.E. Wilson has decided to take that teacher’s advice. Finally sharing the stories inside his head from an overactive imagination. He is the author of the Highway to the Stars series. And with the stories floating around in his head, many more series to come.



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